Three things to know before investing in Real Estate

BY Luis Noronha / ON Feb 10, 2019

  1. Understand the real estate cycle before investing

    The first thing we need to know to start to analyze any real estate opportunity is to understand where we are on the real estate cycle. And this is extremely local. What happens in a specific neighborhood might be completely different from 5 miles away. Are we on an uptrend or downturn? How long has the market been on that stage? What are price trends signaling? Is the market changing or close to a change?Although there are good real estate investments in every cycle, different markets require different approach and investment strategies.

  2. Follow demographic trends

    Nothing is more powerful then demographic trends. They can override economic cycles creating a different reality in a specific city or state. Fundamentally, we need to be aware of the social-economic changes. Watch out for migration and age shift trends as they require specific products and services.

  3. Always buy cheap

    It is very difficult to make returns out of an overvalued property. Do a thorough real estate comparables analysis before any purchase.