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Lana is a real estate development company based in Florida. We have over 30 opportunistic projects in our portfolio, and we focus on pursuing mid-sized real estate investment opportunities to achieve the most sought-after results: medium-term capital gains and long-term recurring income.

The main reasons why a selected group of High Net Worth Accredited Investors, Family Offices, and Funds partner with us are:

  • We are a small quick responsive team, that has a laser-focused approach developing just a few projects we “cherry-pick” per year.
  • Coming from the fix & flip industry, cost efficiency is within our genes.
  • We value transparency and our investors have full access to our team.
  • Our lean structure lets us charge fewer fees and share a higher percentage of the profits than our bigger competitors.

We take care of the critical phases of the process in-house: Acquisition, due diligence, feasibility, market studies, permitting approval, and construction. We also partner with the best local architects and sales team to design and sell our products.

Structuring creative partnerships with accredited high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and funds is one of our specialties. We like sharing opportunities and results with partners that help fund our deals.

Lana's process-oriented experienced team shares the same beliefs, work ethic, and consistent pursuit of excellence in every project.


we do

Recurring income

build & lease


Enjoy a great recurring income for years to come. A great investment strategy is to hold well-located properties for lease income. There are several different types of properties, each one designed for a particular investment size, intended investment cycle and investment area. We pursue above-average returns by acquiring add-value properties at locations with landlord favorable legislation, great demographics, high-demand and good Cap-Rates. The average investment cycle is from 48 to 72 months.

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Capital gains

build & sell

The best results come from opportunities that start from the ground up.

Our team of experts has a proven record of identifying unique opportunities in real estate development. By focusing on mid-sized projects, we navigate on the blue ocean, finding great opportunities that are small for the big developers and too big for the regular investor.

Our advanced data-mining techniques and extensive market research provides us intel to discover and secure the best locations in highly demanded neighborhoods and in up-trend markets, to build the most demanded product. From site acquisition to the product sale, we manage the whole process. The average cycle is from 24 to 36 months.

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Galleria villages

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      Ground-up Construction

      • Turquoise Homes 66 luxury SFH gated community, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
      • Galleria Villages 24 luxury townhome gated community, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


      • Benedict 3,800 sq.ft. High-end SFH, Beverly Hills, CA
      • Brooks Ave 2,000 sq.ft. SFH, Venice, CA
      • 2824 W Morrison Ave 3,638 sq.ft. SFH, Tampa, FL
      • 3615 W Horatio St. 1,966 sq.ft. SFH, Tampa, FL
      • 1102 W Horatio St. 2,904 sq.ft. SFH, Tampa, FL
      • 4910 W San Miguel4,300 sq.ft. SFH, Tampa, FL
      • 5102 W Azeele St. 2,766 sq.ft. SFH, Tampa, FL
      • 3916 Dartmouth 1,374 sq.ft. SFH, Tampa, FL
      • 3107 W Watrous Ave 4,055 sq.ft. SFH, Tampa, FL
      • 825 SW 28th Rd. Miami 2,339 sq.ft. SFH, FL
      • 2230 Donato Dr. 4,987 sq.ft. SFH, Belleair Beach, FL
      • 113 5th St E 3,910 sq. ft. SFH, Tierra Verde, FL
      • 12326 Rockledge Cir 2,771 sq.ft. SFH, Boca Raton, FL
      • 1212359 Antille Dr 3,015 sq. ft SFH, Boca Raton, FL
      • 7911 Monte Vista Dr. 5,505 sq.ft SFH, Boca Raton, FL
      • 8112 19TH Ave Dr. W 4,000 sq.ft SFH, Bradenton, FL
      • 12367 NW 80th Place 3,691 sq.ft.SFH, Parkland, FL
      • 4282 Shelldrake Ln 2.314 sq. ft SFH, Boynton Beach, FL
      • 4395 Sanderling Cir 2,314 sq.ft. SFH, Boynton Beach, FL
      • 4447 Sanderling Cir 2,314 sq.ft SFH, Boynton Beach, FL
      • 3119 Julia Ct 1,876 sq. ft. SFH, Lakeland, FL
      • 500 Deer Run Ln 2,862 sq. ft. SFH, Phoenixville, PA
      • 416 Bryn Mawr Ave 2,790 sq. ft. SFH, Bala Cynwyd, PA
      • 6 Crest Ln 2,512 sq. ft. SFH, Swarthmore, PA
      • 12359 Antille Dr 3,015 sq.ft SFH, Boca Raton, FL
      • 17911 Monte Vista Dr. 5,505 sq.ft SFH, Boca Raton, FL
      • 801 S Poinsettia Dr 4923 sq.ft. SFH, Tampa, FL
      • 610 S Newport Ave 3,460 sq.ft. SFH, Tampa, FL
      * Projects in different phases that Lana has been involved in as a Developer.

      Main team

      Luis NoronhaImage

      Luis Noronha

      Luis Noronha, the founder and principal of Lana Development, brings over 25 years of executive experience in the construction sector. Since 2010, he has been actively involved in the Florida real estate market, engaging in co-investment ventures with other developers and undertaking over 30 opportunistic residential projects under his leadership. His initial foray into Fix and Flip projects instilled a cost-efficient and hands-on approach, which he has consistently applied to all subsequent construction endeavors, ranging from townhome projects to luxury single-family home gated communities.

      In addition to his business achievements, Luis Noronha has an impressive academic background and diverse entrepreneurial experience. He holds the position of Officer in the Brazilian Military and graduated from Mackenzie University of Law. He furthered his education with a postgraduate degree from FGV, a prestigious School of Business in São Paulo. Notably, he received the "Entrepreneur of The Year" award from Endeavor for his role as the founder of Britec, a technology start-up in the construction sector. In Northeast Brazil, Luis served as a Co-Sponsor of GAFISA (BOVESPA: GFSA3), to develop high-rise residential buildings. He also held a partnership with a regional Burger King Franchisee, overseeing the operations of 12 restaurants. Prior to these endeavors, he served as an Executive Director of Cimento Nassau for 15 years.

      Luis Noronha actively contributes to Endeavor, a global non-profit organization driving high-impact entrepreneurship in developing countries. He is also a member of YPO, the world's premier leadership organization for Chief Executives.

      André Castro

      André Castro

      André, an accomplished professional with 18 years of comprehensive experience in finance, controlling, and administration, has particularly dedicated nine years to the intricacies of real estate development.

      His portfolio boasts the successful completion of over 20 residential real estate projects, showcasing his adeptness in project reassessment, proactive problem anticipation, and strategic decision-making. Renowned for his proficiency in real estate financial modeling, André has served in pivotal roles as an analyst, controller, and consultant for prestigious firms such as EY (Ernst & Young) and Cimento Nassau.

      His academic background includes a degree in Finance from Queen Mary University in England. André's journey with Lana Development commenced in 2015, culminating in his ascension to a partner role in 2018, where his expertise and leadership have been instrumental in driving the company's success and growth.

      Maurício Tiso

      Maurício Tiso

      In 2023, Mauricio embarked on a pivotal role at Lana Development, where he spearheaded the formulation of a strategic fractional-ownership sales strategy for the company´s residential projects. Drawing from his rich experience, Mauricio's journey traces back to a successful 6-year collaboration with Luis in the inception of a renowned food chain retailer in Brazil in 2009.

      Since 2018, Mauricio Tiso has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing Brazil's tourism industry through his innovative work in the fractional-ownership market, blending real estate with service revenue. His leadership at W. Palmerston Holding during the challenging inflation crisis of 2021-2022 showcased his adept management skills. Additionally, his contributions as Corporate Director at Mundo Planalto led to the successful launch of the Hard Rock Residence Club Gramado, further solidifying his career milestones in the industry.

      Mauricio's academic pursuits encompass a degree in Accounting and an MBA from IBMEC, a distinguished Brazilian business school. His professional repertoire spans diverse sectors, including retail, real estate, tourism, and industry, fostering a robust network of alliances within banking institutions, investment firms, consulting agencies, and eminent industry stakeholders.

      Rodrigo de Santi

      Rodrigo De Santi

      As 4C Founder Managing Partner, B.A. in Civil Engineering and Strategic Business Management MBA, Rodrigo De Santi is a qualified professional with more than 20 years experience with civil engineering, construction, and development. He has a strong experience with project management in different areas: High-end Hospitality, Medium and High-End Residential, Commercial, Offices and Interiors, Bank Branches, Multi-sites projects in Brazil and Internationally. His great experience with subcontractors management in South Florida is a great asset to Lana's Team.

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      South Tower, 8th Floor
      Miami, FL 33131

      +1 (305) 204-0553

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